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Send fresh flowers to Spain with LysaFlores

All our floral arrangements with delivery in Spain are carefully prepared and our packaging is designed and made to send the flowers to your home as safely as possible. Each of our home delivery bouquets comes with a fertilizer package of water to keep your flowers looking perfect for extra days. We offer all kinds of bouquets with delivery in less than 24 hours to any location on the peninsula. You can give flowers for birthdays, thank you, love, or ask for forgiveness. Don’t wait any longer to say what you want to say by sending a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to your family or friends in Spain.

Send flowers to your loved ones in Spain

Sending flowers is a beautiful detail you can have to commemorate a special occasion, but not only that: they are also a magnificent gesture, and you don’t need to celebrate anything to send flowers home and surprise a special person. At LysaFlores, we make sure to send magic wherever we go, so we offer beautiful floral arrangements to send to every corner of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and any other city where you want to send a bouquet and brighten someone’s day.

Cheap flower delivery in Spain

We offer a cheap, fast and satisfactory flower delivery service in Spain. On our website, you can find all the floral arrangements, bouquets, and beautiful flowers and plants that we have with Floristería Lysa Flores. In our workshop we make each bouquet and arrangement to guarantee you exclusive designs, so you can send a unique gift. We deliver our flowers within 24 hours to any city in the Iberian Peninsula, so you don’t have to worry about requesting delivery long in advance. And if one of our bouquets does not arrive in perfect condition, just let us know and we will make sure you receive another one.

We have a variety of floral arrangements and bouquets designed for different occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or Mother’s Day. There is nothing that can’t be conveyed with flowers, that’s why at Lysa Flores we create perfect arrangements for every moment to celebrate. If you want to give a bouquet at home, and you want to make sure that person will receive fresh and beautiful flowers, completely according to your intention, contact us and we guarantee that it will be so.

Send flowers with gifts to your friends and family in Spain

Do you want to send a bouquet of flowers or roses for Valentine’s Day? Are you looking for a unique and special gift? At Lysa Flores, we offer you the possibility of adding a cuddly toy and chocolates to your online order to send flowers to your home. With us, you can send flowers and chocolate at home, a beautiful detail not only for Valentine’s Day but also for other occasions such as Mother’s Day or a birthday. We take great care with every one of our designs, which is why we always send fresh flowers and unique and special bouquets for every celebration.

Next-day flower delivery

And what’s even better: at Lysa Flores we offer you the best flowers delivered within 24 hours. We make our deliveries so that that special person receives their flowers the next day, so you don’t have to worry about delivery times. In addition, we have one of the most extensive catalogs in online flower delivery, allowing you to choose between beautiful red or white roses, sunflowers, assorted baskets, carnations… all with plants, chocolate, or a cuddly toy, depending on what you want to send with your flower delivery.

If you are looking for the best florist to send flowers at home, to any corner of the Iberian Peninsula, safely and satisfactorily, and in just 24 hours, you have come to the right place! Tell us which is the bouquet or floral arrangement that you have fallen in love with, and we will take care of getting it to that special person.