Sending flowers to Spain with Lysa Flores is fast and easy. Buy your flowers through our webshop with online payment and we will deliver within 24 hours in all of Spain.

Send fresh flowers with delivery in all of Spain

As a florist with delivery throughout Spain, we deliver many cheap bouquets for all kinds of occasions, such as birthdays. There is no better way to congratulate a birthday than by sending flowers on that special day. Among the many options we offer you, it can be a little complicated to choose flowers for a birthday or simply because you want to make it a surprise, but don’t worry! because we are here to help you. If you doubt which one to choose among our bouquets for an aunt, friend, mother, sister, or special person, we will help you choose the most suitable flowers for each occasion.

Sending flowers as a gift

The secret to sending flowers for a birthday is to think about who you are going to give them to because it is not the same if the recipient is a boyfriend or a mother. In LysaFlores you will find the best florists experts, we assure you a punctual delivery and that the flowers will arrive looking fresh and glorious to the recipient. Quality and freshness will never be missing in our birthday bouquets, we guarantee that they will last fresh for at least 7 days. If you want to personalize your gift, even more, you can add greetings with birthday flowers to bring a smile to that special person!

Types of flowers to send at home

You may think that sending a bouquet is a very common thing to do, but it’s not! because we all like to receive flowers. Receiving them at home means that we matter a lot to the person who has given us the gift. Flowers convey feelings of the person who gives them to the recipient, whether of love, friendship, affection, or appreciation, therefore sending flowers will never go out of fashion.

Quality flower arrangements for Delivery in Spain

Each flower arrangement is carefully selected for the recipient to enjoy. When you make your purchase on our website we offer the possibility to customize our flower arrangement for any occasion. You can send along with the flowers a beautiful personal message that expresses everything you feel for the recipient. If you are sending flowers to a woman, we recommend that you choose pastel-colored flowers, such as pinks, whites, or purples. If the recipient of your bouquet is a man, choose blue, red, or yellow tones.